Larsen's Auto 101: The Importance of the Timing Belt

Larsen's Auto 101: The Importance of the Timing Belt

Your vehicle’s engine is a very complex machine designed to create the force your car needs to move freely while on the road. To ensure your engine is able to withstand this heavy workload each day, all the mechanical components must be operating at top capacity and without error. Unfortunately, time and use will take a toll on any vehicle, and repairs must be made to ensure the safety of its riders.

The timing belt (or chain) is a critical component of your engine, and directly affects it's ability to function. In this post, we will discuss the importance of this automotive element, and when it is time to schedule a replacement.

What is the Timing Belt?

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The timing belt is used to ensure the camshaft (which operates the valves in the engine) and crankshaft (which moves the pistons) are operating in perfect synchronization.

Because your timing belt controls the synchronization of your two biggest engine components, it’s extremely important that the part itself is replaced at the correct intervals to avoid expensive repair damages caused if the the belt should break.

Note: some vehicles have timing chains, which are only replaced when the chain begins making noise or when the part itself breaks. If you're unsure if your car has a timing belt or chain, check with your local mechanic.

A timing belt or chain replacement service is significantly less expensive than the repairs required once a timing belt has broken and caused catastrophic damage to the engine.

Let’s Talk Replacements

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Typically, it is suggested that timing belts be replaced around 60,000 to 100,000 miles depending on the model/year of the vehicle. However, if you notice high-pitched sounds like shrieking or growling coming from under the hood, or you notice that your car is having difficulty starting, experiences loss of power or if you're not sure if a replacement has already been completed, take your vehicle in to an experienced repair shop to check your timing belt and avoid the hassle of an unwelcome tow ride to the mechanic.

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Now that you know more about the significance of your vehicle's timing belt, you can keep a closer eye on the health of your engine and avoid an expensive repair in your future travels.

If you’re concerned about any problems you’re having with your vehicle or have questions about specific repairs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at Larsen’s Auto Repair. We make it our priority to clearly explain every service we provide to ensure our customers feel more informed and confident with their automotive repair experience.

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