Is My Older Car Worth Fixing?

Is my older car worth fixing?

If you’re the owner of an older vehicle, sometimes those more expensive repairs will have you wondering, “Is this repair worth it in the long-run?”

It’s true that most older cars don’t have the value that the newer models have, so this is a really good question for those customers who are faced with a large and/or expensive repair on their older vehicle.

Here are some things you should take into consideration before making your final decision:

Is this repair is going to improve the value of my car?

Not necessarily.

Think about it this way: If you left your auto repair facility after a large and/or expensive repair -- such as a new engine service or a transmission -- and you were in a car accident on the way home, you have to think: “Is my insurance company going to pay me the amount of my that my car is worth, PLUS the costs of the repair I just had?” and honestly that’s never going to happen.

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But what is my car worth? A good place to check is the NADA website here [] . The NADA will tell you the value of your car, and is the same value that the insurance companies and banks will use when estimating how much of a loan will be given in case you were to sell your car, or how much to pay in the instance of a vehicular accident.

What if my car repair is for a safety issue?

Your personal safety -- and the safety of those around you -- should always trump anything else. If your car is in need of repairs and is causing your vehicle to be unsafe on the roads, the best choice is always to have it repaired quickly if you plan on driving it in the future.

Is a new or used car going to cost me less money than this repair?

This is a good question. Our advice is to ask yourself, “is this repair going to give me enough use out of my car to validate the cost, or is this just putting a bandaid on the bigger issue, and will I be in this same situation in a few months with another large repair?”

If you’re unsure, you can visit Larsen’s Auto Repair or other local used car dealerships to view their selection of available vehicles to help with your decision.

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But what if I really care about my particular car?

There are always some cars on which we place sentimental value -- maybe the car has been in the family for years and years, or it was once a family member’s, or it’s a particularly interesting vehicle. Once again, you have to decide for yourself whether the cost of the repair is worth it for you. Can you afford to maintain this current vehicle, or is it best to move on with a newer model?

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I can’t afford all the repairs right now. Can I get some done now and wait for other repairs later?

This is always dependent on the individual situation -- and believe us, there are so many. Maybe you have a small leak or some minor cosmetic damage -- and that’s fine to wait on until you feel ready.

In other cases, the damage may be so severe that it is a safety concern or will end up causing more damage to your vehicle if left unfixed (which will end up costing you more money!) These are the situations you have to be most cautious of. If you’re unsure, you can always speak to one of our technicians to get an honest opinion.

Remember, whether you’re looking for experienced repair services, or honest auto sales assistance, our team at Larsen’s Auto Repair is here to help you feel comfortable and satisfied with every visit. Thanks for choosing us.

- The Larsen’s Auto Family

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