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It's National 'Love Your Pet Day!'

Three tips for keeping your pets happy during their car rides

I think there are a few of us who would agree that nothing beats coming home after a long day of hard work to the excited butt-wiggles and furry snuggles of a well-loved pet. At Larsen’s Auto Repair, we want to celebrate National Pet Day by giving you a few tips to ensure that your pets are as safe and comfortable as possible during their future car rides.

  • Beat the Heat It’s probably a no-brainer, but it’s important to ensure that your vehicle is at a comfortable temperature for your pets during their ride. If your dog is prone to overheating, we recommend opening some windows, stopping for a water break, or investing in a doggy cooling mat like this. We advise against leaving your pet alone in a parked vehicle, but if you absolutely must leave your pet in the car, please be aware of the amount of time you’ll be gone, as well as the temperature outside. On a hot day, the temperature within your car is significantly hotter, and likewise, significantly colder on a chilly day. Keep your pet in-mind when running errands, and if you find that you’ll need to leave them in the car for long periods of time, it might be best to just leave them at home.

  • Pack a Travel Kit Taking your friend on a road trip? We recommend packing a few essentials to ensure that your pets are happy, safe and comfortable during the drive. Prepare a travel kit for your pet with necessities such as: - Bottled water - Snacks - Waste-bags - Toys - Blankets - Leash If your pet has a hard time getting comfortable or staying still in the car, consider bringing a travel crate that they can stay-in during the trip. Car rides are sometimes stressful to animals, and giving them a familiar environment during their journey can help them to relax.

  • Take Breaks Just like humans, our pets have needs during these car rides that have to be met. When you stop to stretch your legs, take your pet for a walk with you. They’ll enjoy the fresh air and new surroundings just as much as you do. Be sure to feed and water your pets during these stops, as well as allow them to “use the bathroom” so they are as comfortable and relaxed as possible during the rest of the trip.

We hope these tips help make your next car ride as enjoyable as possible for both you and your pet, and wish you the safest return on all of your journeys.

Sending extra love to our customers and their furry friends,

-The Larsen’s Auto Family

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