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Meet the Owner

In the late 80's, Terry Larsen was just 17 years old when he began working at a local junkyard in order to help provide for his young family. He worked hard, and he worked long hours, but Terry was a dedicated, hard-worker. During these grueling hours of hard labor, Terry found himself interested to learn from the scrapped engines of deserted cars, and spent time tinkering with their components in his spare time.

Terry and his wife, Camille

While apprenticing for a few years, and spending many nights studying for classes and accreditation courses, Terry was able to hone his skills day after day, earning him the respect and admiration of his fellow mechanics, eventually becoming a valued resource within their own work.

From there, offers began to flow-in from larger, newer establishments. The pay was better and the learning opportunities were more readily available, allowing Terry to become an ASE-certified technician, and to gain many other valuable accreditations that would distinguish him from the other technicians in his field.

Though his knowledge base was growing, the strain of working for someone else was beginning to take its toll. Terry had concerns about the ethical practices of other shops in the area, and truly desired to provide a reliable, honest service to the people in his community. One that he could run with his family and friends.

After many hard years of working at various mechanic shops, and wishing for his own business, Terry finally took a chance and started up Larsen’s Auto Repair from within the garage of his family-home.

With unconditional love and support from his family, Terry was able to move-out from his personal garage into a strip-mall near center street in Provo, and after a few years more, Terry and his family worked hard to renovate and make-ready the building where Larsen’s Auto Repair is found now.

It’s been many years in the making, but Terry’s determination and hard work has paid-off. Larsen’s Auto Repair is now a trusted auto repair source for much of the Utah Valley region, and is working hard everyday to ensure that they remain that way.

We love you, Terry. Thank you for all you do.

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